Search and rescue efforts continue in Houston and surrounding areas while Florida braces for Hurricane Irma

BEAUMONT, TX – After being stranded in their home since Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, a man suffering from quadriplegia and his family were rescued this week by agents from Air and Marine Operations (AMO).

The man and his family were pulled from their home by Air and Marine Agents and transported by UH-60 Black Hawk to a hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment.

That day, the same AMO Black Hawk aircrew—which includes an Air and Marine Emergency Medical Services (AMEMS) paramedic-pilot—completed 14 other rescues, many of them emergency medical evacuations.

To date, AMO has provided vital blood platelet transports, delivered food and supplies, and rescued more than 443 residents from flooded areas.

AMO’s AMEMS program was created in the late 2000s and is capable of providing emergency and contingency medical support with deployment capability to federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement and emergency management agencies. Given the unique capabilities of AMO and the environments in which we operate, air and marine personnel often arrive on scene first and make split-second decisions.

AMO’s advanced capabilities and skill sets in the air and maritime environments fall within our core competencies: interdiction, investigation, domain awareness, and contingency operations and national tasking missions. AMO performs a wide range of incident-based missions in response to state and federal emergencies, such as disaster relief, continuity of operations, humanitarian operations, search and rescue, tactical team insertions and logistics, and National Special Security Events.


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