Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Oh, the beauty of small town caring individuals!

Last week, our Mother, Ruth Brewster fell outside at her home.  She could not remember Lane, Becky or Twyla’s phone numbers.  She tried several times to reach someone.  She finally looked in her purse and located a receipt from Lizzie’s Restaurant in town.  She called Lizzie’s and talked with Sandra Carrasco Luna .  She told Sandra she had fallen and could not get up.  She needed someone to call Lane.  Sandra contacted Sheriff’s office/dispatch who contacted Chance Clark at Napa.  Chance called Lane and told him Mother had fallen and needed help.

Thanks to caring individuals in town that know how to “network”– Mom was OK.  We are thankful and grateful to all  who took the time and cared enough to follow through and get Mom help.  We thank Sandra, Sheriff’s office, dispatch, Chance Clark, EMS, Kathleen-NP, and hospital staff who cared for Mom.

Thank you,

Ruth Brewster

Lane and Beth Brewster

Becky and Glenn Guidry

Twyla and Forrest Perry


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