UIL competition in Balmorhea

By Coach Lonnie Flippen, Valentine ISD

The Valentine Elementary and Junior High students participated in the District 9A UIL Literary Competition in Balmorhea on December 15. Thirteen elementary students, K-6  represented the school and finished in fifth place overall with a combined point total of 167 points. Among those who placed were:

Ellie Terrazo who won 2nd Place in Kindergarten Tiny Tots Storytelling. Christopher Watts finished in fourth place and the team finished in second place overall.

Erasmo Urias won 1st Place in the 1st Grade Tiny Tots Storytelling competition and Adriel Navarrette won 5th place which gave Valentine 1st Place overall in the event.

Alejandra Urias finished in 4th Place in 2nd Grade Storytelling and 4th Grader, Garry Webb finished in 2nd Place in that event. Robert Alvarado finished in 4th Place in the 5th grade competition.

6th graders, Edwardo Ramirez and Fabiola Urias finished in 3rd and 5th places in Social Studies.

Fabiola Urias won 5th Place in 6th Grade Calculator Applications.

Claudia Figuero won 2nd Place in Maps, Graphs, and Charts. Fabiola Urias and Edwardo Ramirez finished in 4th and 5th Place which left the team tied for 1st Place overall. The same three competitors ended up in a three way tie for 4th Place in Number Sense.

The three 6th Graders finished in first place as a team in Oral Reading with Figueroa winning 2nd Place, Urias winning 4th and Ramirez winning 5th Place.

Valentine Junior High, grades 7th and 8th, were represented by just six competitors who finished as the third place team with a total of 184 points overall behind Fort Davis and Marfa who both had a much larger number of competitors.

Those who placed in the Junior High competition included:

In 7th Grade Science, Isabel Guillory took the 1st place medal with Jordan Miller finishing in 5th Place and Erick Ramirez finishing in 6th Place.

Bela Oldham won 3rd Place in Science.

The 7th graders won 1st place overall as a team in Social Studies with Guillory winning 3rd, Miller taking 4th, and Ramirez finishing in 5th place.

Mickie Siddiq finished in 5th Place and Darren Baeza took 6th Place in the 8th Grade Social Studies event.

Siddiq won 1st in Spelling with Miller finishing in 5th Place in the 7th Grade division.

Miller won 5th Place in Dictionary Skills. She also won 4th in Maps, Graphs, and Charts with Isabel Guillory finishing in 6th Place.

Guillory won 1st Place in 7th Grade Oral Reading and Miller finished in 2nd Place giving Valentine 1st Place overall as a team.

Bela Oldham and Mickie Siddiq finished in 3rd and 4th Place respectively in 8th Grade Oral Reading which allowed them to finish 1st Place as a team.

Jordan Miller won 2nd Place in Ready Writing for the 7th Grade. Oldham and Siddiq won 1st and 2nd respectively in Ready Writing giving them a 1st Place finish as a team.

Valentine ISD and the Valentine community are proud of these accomplishments and the efforts of these students and the teachers who worked with them to prepare for the competition. Your success is directly related to your hard work and dedication. Congratulations Pirates!


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