A Valentine tradition

By Lisa Morton

Valentine Postmaster Leslie Williams received the official Valentine’s Day cache that will adorn thousands of personal Valentine cards this year.  Valentine ISD 7th grader Isabel Guillory is the design entry winner for the 2018 contest with 13 entries judged this year submitted by grades 7-12.

About 13,000 Valentine’s left the small Post Offices last year.  Postmaster Williams will double cancel each envelope with destinations recorded from over 23 countries including the UK, Japan, Cambodia, Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, India, and the Netherlands.

The cancelation process is double as the cache can only be used singularly on February 14, Valentine’s Day.  Postmaster Williams wants to remind everyone that the cache is copyright protected and cannot be used on sale items other than USPS approved products.

To add this special touch to your Valentine’s, mail your addressed Valentine’s with correct postage in a larger envelope to:  Postmaster, 311 W. California Avenue, Valentine, Texas, 79854.

The winning 2018 Valentine cache designed by Isabel Guillory.


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