Students prepare to join the workforce

By Adrian Norman

CCAISD has embarked on a journey to evolve as an educational institution and offer industry certification courses. The certificates will help equip students for success in an increasingly competitive employment market.

There are many technology teachers across the United States that are working to have their students receive a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. The students complete rigorous online training in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access. Once students complete various exercises and practice tests, they take the MOS certification exam and receive a certificate. A student with a MOS certificate is now ready to join the workforce and apply knowledge and skills acquired through exam training.

Last week, sixteen students in Accounting 1 class successfully mastered the Microsoft Word objectives. The students received their certificates and are now working on their PowerPoint certification. I completed the MOS certification exams over the summer and then began to develop methods on how to engage students. A fully certified student now has an edge in the workforce, and the opportunity to complete the MOS Expert certification program.


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