Faith- ”Have a Happy Heavenly Father’s Day!”

By Pastor Ron Buxton

In the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea, Derek Redmond was one of the fastest sprinters to represent Great Britain. Although he had trained many years leading up to this–only ninety seconds prior to competing—an Achilles tendon injury ended his Olympic dreams. Very dejected, Derek Redmond returned home to England.

Five surgeries restored his damaged leg, and amazingly, when the 1992 Olympics returned to Barcelona Spain, Derek was able to qualify again. And now, even more amazingly, only the 400 meter semi-finals stood before him–and Olympic glory. He had waited four long years for this. It was the third of August, and the stands were packed at the Barcelona stadium. The gun sounded, and the 400 meter semi-final race began. Derek was doing good–up until about the 100 meter mark. However, suddenly, a hush fell over the crowd, as Derek crashed to the ground. He had torn his right hamstring. Writhing in agony, he struggled to his feet. Desperate, he began to painfully hop–as he resisted the medical attendant’s help.

The spectators in the stands were absolutely captivated by his will to complete the race. And then something that nobody saw coming occurred! A large man came barreling out of the stands. He pushed aside the security personnel, and jumped another barrier to get onto the track. It was Jim Redmond—Derek’s father!

Now, with Derek’s arm around his dad’s shoulder, and Jim’s arm firmly around his son’s waist–they continued down the track! The crowd was upon their feet and applauding! Together, they finished the race! And it was, in my opinion, the greatest Olympic moment in history.

Folks, there is another story that could yet be told in your own lives. Many of you might lay crumpled upon the pavement of this race we call life. Sure, you could try to get back up and attempt to finish the race–your way. And it might seem to work for a while. But if the truth be told–you’re not even sure where you are running towards.

There is a heavenly Father who wants to take you in His arms. Let Him. Allow Him to lift you up, and give you the greatest victory that you could ever experience! You see, we become children of God by faith in Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:26). Let “Father’s Day” take on a whole new meaning for you!


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