Ask Tia Juana- Pets

Dear Tia Juana,

I have some friends and relatives with pets that seem to think that visitation invitations apply to their fur babies also.  And with family it could mean days. I am happy to know their pets in their home surroundings but when you add them to the list of how you accommodate guests, it’s sometimes a little too much to ask especially if you already have animals at home. I think that them not asking if they can bring their pets is the problem. They just assume.

How do I tell them to leave their pets at home when they visit without losing their friendship?


Assume me not

Dear Assume,

Some people are just clueless, and as you said, just assume that you will be as happy to see their pets as them. In most cases, much of the time that should be spent visiting and enjoying their visit, is spent separating pets and cleaning up poo. Why don’t you invite yourself, your family and your fur family to your friends’ or relatives’ house? Give them a dose of their own medicine. Just tell them you are coming for a visit because you are having to bomb your entire house for fleas and it would not be safe to leave your pets. Good luck!


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