Faith- 6/20/19

“Pigeons in Bras Helped Win the War?”

By Pastor Ron Buxton

It was seventy-five years ago when the greatest military operation known to mankind occurred. Civilization, as we know it, hung in the balance to the events of what we call D-Day on June 6th 1944. But very few people realize the important role that more than 54,000 unconventional creatures had in the war effort. In fact, 32 medals were awarded to them. One such recipient was known as “G.I. Joe” and he was credited with saving more than 1000 Allied troops’ lives! I’m referring to the carrier pigeons that were dispatched behind enemy lines.

It would probably surprise you to know that the U.S. military contracted a brassiere company— “Maidenform”– to design and produce a necessary garment worn by our paratroopers. That’s right—our soldiers wore bras behind enemy lines! Truth is often stranger than fiction! You see, more than 28,000 special bras made this essential war effort possible. And so, as my title hints at: pigeons in bras did, in fact, help win the war!

Oddly enough, with that historical reality in mind, I want to speak about the power of prayer in this article. In the classic book Mere Christianity, author C.S. Lewis refers to our world as “occupied enemy territory”. By that, he meant that a very evil force of darkness has overtaken all worldwide civilization. The Bible refers to that evil entity as Satan. And although many might scoff at that assertion, nothing else can adequately explain that evil reality–at all times, and in all places around the world.

First John 5:19 records: “…the whole world is under the control of the evil one”. Believe it–or not–this planet has an unseen power that seeks to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) everything that God has made for His eternal purposes and blessings. This is where my analogy from history comes in. And this is where a sanctified imagination is necessary.

Commandos from World War II had the important task of clandestine intelligence gathering behind the German defenses. From those night-time paratrooper drops that began on D-Day, elite commandos could then inform the Allied bombers and future infantry operations. And that’s where those carrier pigeons came in. At speeds exceeding 50 M.P.H., they had a 90% success rate in vital communications to those advancing Allied forces. Thank God for those pigeons in bras! An unlikely–yet effective–combination!

Is not the Bible’s description of prayer also an unlikely combination for victory? I mean, does any kind of “fighting” which involves words being uttered–on your knees, and with your eyes closed– sound very menacing or effective? And yet–in the unseen realm–it sets the kingdom of darkness into a panic! You see, our prayers are messages to the heavenly headquarters about spiritually-strategic “strikes”! Hitler was certainly not as astute as Satan. And so, could that not explain why most Christians are often discouraged to pray? Remember those pigeons in bras! Your prayers are not so foolish after all!


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