Faith- 7/3/19

“Are You Running On Empty?”

By Pastor Ron Buxton

There it sat parked. It wasn’t pretty–but I paid cash for it—and it was all mine! I couldn’t wait to get that thing out on the highway, which I did shortly after driving away from the dealership. Freedom. For now—only the speed limit could keep that baby from flying—which I was sure that it could, in fact, do!

The motor roared from under me. And there was nothing–in my adrenaline rushed mind– capable of keeping up with me! In fact, as I passed one motorist, I rolled on the throttle and went from 55 M.P.H. unto 85 M.P.H. in a heartbeat! (For any law enforcement folks reading this…Yes. I did slow back down to the speed limit after passing that person). After all, I am a pastor…

I’m talking about a used, and not-so-pretty, Kawasaki GPZ that I purchased about twenty years ago. Since then, I’ve owned “prettier” motorcycles than that. But what occurred on that sunny afternoon, following its purchase, is where I’m going with this article today.

You see, I had just driven off the lot where I bought it. Everything seemed to function quite well–especially that acceleration part mentioned above. The dealer put a recent inspection sticker on it, and all the gauges seemed to be working. Except, that is, for the one gauge that is absent on most motorcycles within my price range: the fuel gauge. Most inexpensive motorcycles do not have a fuel gauge as a cost-cutting measure. And I’ve owned around ten units over the years without it. Not a problem—if you’re accustomed to how often refueling is necessary.

Need I say more? My adrenaline rush was so high—that I didn’t even check to see how little gas that the dealer had put into the bike before he sold it to me! Big problem! The bike weighed more than 500 pounds, and so, I really wasn’t looking forward to pushing it. However, mechanical “salvation” came in the form of a valve next to the carburetor! Quickly, I switched that baby to “reserve”, and then prayed for an off ramp and a nearby gas station!

God is so good! As the motorcycle sputtered out of gas, I was able to pull in the clutch and coast into the next available gas station! I would like to credit my fervent prayer–but the truth of the matter is that I should have checked the fuel tank beforehand.

Here’s my point: How are you traveling through life? Maybe you’re not roaring across the highways–but are you properly “fueled”? C.S. Lewis said that God designed us like somebody designed the combustible motor. And as the Designer, God knows exactly how we “run” better! Anything less than gasoline will not effectively propel a normal motor vehicle. But what’s in the “tank” of your life? Only faith in Christ provides the “combustible” that will take you to the destination that everybody aspires to: heaven. Is it time to drain what little is in you tank—and refuel?