Lady Eagle take Area title

Lady Eagle Volleyball 2020 Area Championship Team. Photo by Pam Baugh.
Lady Eagle Volleyball 2020 Area Championship Team. Photo by Pam Baugh.

By Coach Erica Urias

The Lady Eagles are Area Champions. We beat Wildorado, a big confident team from the panhandle. They were well prepared to play us because they knew to double team our big middle, they tried to find the holes and they served well. They caught us on our heels a few times but in the end, we were the team with the least amount of mistakes. All week, we’ve talked about our chances at advancing if we just show up to play. We did just that.

We came out on fire and took the first two sets. We struggled with our passing in the third set; but like all great teams do, we shook it off and came back stronger in the fourth set. We were better prepared. We played bigger. We played more confident. We played smarter. Our entire team showed up big today, and our defense stepped it up. However, we still have work to do and we will continue to raise the bar.

We are proud of this team and all they’ve had to endure this season. They have held on and continue to show resilience, pride and teamwork. Each day this team shows up ready to work and put in the time and effort it takes to get better. Emotions have been high all season as all the waves continue to crash around us as Covid still waits in the wings. But this team shows up with a positive mindset each day and does their part to stay healthy.

We look ahead to the Regional Quarterfinals as we strive to make our mark in history here at Van Horn High School. Our teamwork makes the dream work.


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