Commish take care of business in short order

By Becky Brewster

Culberson County Commissioners met in special session on January 25, 2021 to interview applicants for two positions: Road and Bridge full-time position and Building and Maintenance full-time position. After over two hours in executive session, the Court convened in open session and filled the two full-time positions to begin 1-26-2021 as follows: 

•Road and Bridge – Jesus Corrales at $18.90/hour

•Building and Maintenance – Refugio Corrales at $17.85/hour

•Salary adjustment for recently hired Road and Bridge employee — $18.00/hour

Adrian Hinojos, County Treasurer, pointed out that the Road and Bridge position starting at $18.90/hour is only budgeted at $18.01/hour. The Court chose to continue with the higher salary indicating that they could cover the difference from some other area.

The Court also clarified the invoice from Oscar Borrego to paint the fire station, noting that the quote was for $4800. However, only the down payment of $2500 was budgeted. The Court acknowledged that the price was indeed $4800 and will amend the budget to reflect the actual approved cost.

Commissioners also discussed issues with the airport project concerning the utility pole from El Paso Electric. The airport has been using generators to power the lighting while awaiting permanent service from EPEC which has been held up in part by easement issues. Com. Gilda Morales noted problems with emergency services landings at the airport as the lighting is too dim. Morales stated that there are usually five to six transfers from the airport per week. Prior confusion with the National Guard not letting others land at the airport have been resolved.

In other County business, the Court also:

Accepted certificate of Public Information Act and Open Meeting Act Training for Pct. #1 Commissioner.

Expressed condolences to the family of Antonio Reyes, a prior long-time employee of the County.


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