Faith— 05/06/2021

“The Importance of a Mother!”

By Pastor Ron Buxton

There are few words in the human language–and it doesn’t matter what language is used–that has as much emotional weight as the word “mother”. All joking aside, just make an unflattering comment about somebody’s mother, and you’re probably going to get punched! Thus, it is no surprise that the harshest insult–and the most vulgar expression–uses that word mother! I know that to be absolutely true in more than two languages.

Amazingly, it is no coincidence that a wounded soldier in combat will cry out to God, his mother, or both. Why? There is something involuntary within our souls that yearns for her comfort amid life’s greatest hurts and fears. Again, this involuntary reaction is regardless of nationality, culture, or any period in human history. When we hurt the most, and when the world seems to be crumbling all around us, we instinctively call out for our mothers. And so, we must never underestimate the value of a mother, be it in each family or within society as a whole.

If you will permit me to use the analogy, a mother is the “glue” that holds all of civilization together. I really mean that. It was “not good” (God’s own words–not mine) that Adam was left alone. Just put a bunch of guys together without the feminine mystique nearby–and watch out! Things get broken real quick. For that reason, the creation of Eve brought not only the element of procreation but a balanced civilization to fulfill God’s ultimate purposes. That is, mothers provide the love, nurture, patience, and kindness that has kept hope alive to billions of people throughout human history.

One such historical figure was Abraham Lincoln. And Lincoln’s greatness as a person was not hidden from anybody who knew him personally. He was very open about his source of inspiration. He wrote: “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother.” He actually had two. Both his birth mother, who died when he was 9 years old, and his step-mother played strong roles in his development as a person. Both read the Bible to him. Both prayed for him. And both, more importantly, lived out their faith. For that, Lincoln wrote: “No one is poor who had a godly mother.” What a beautiful thought!

This Mother’s Day, let’s remember what really holds our families and society together. When life comes unglued, please remember my analogy here in this article. Thank God for moms! There is yet hope that we can make it in this chaotic world. You see, God engineered mothers to provide the necessary love, nurture, patience, and kindness to incubate true faith in this world. And I thank God for my own mother and also other significant women who have been spiritual mothers to me over the years. In reference to the quote by Abraham Lincoln above, I am a rich man!


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