Faith— 08/26/2021

“What’s That Noise?”

By Pastor Ron Buxton

A rancher from rural Texas didn’t go to town very often. And so, when he walked into the town’s only hardware store, he was surprised to see so many new tools that he’d never seen before. For example, his eyes caught a glimpse of a shiny apparatus made of steel and plastic.

“What’s that?” he asked the store manager who was standing nearby.

“Oh, that?” replied the manager, “That’s something new called a chainsaw. With that, you can do five times the amount of work in half the time!” “Really? Does that mean that I can cut-down and chunk-up two cords of wood in less than a day?” the rancher asked. “Absolutely! Tell you what. I’ll give you a money-back guarantee on that new saw. That is, if you’re not impressed with how fast and efficient that it works, then just return it for a full refund.” “Alright” responded the rancher, “It’s a lot of money, but I certainly could use it clearing out the woods.” And that being said, he paid the money and carried that shiny, new tool out to his horse and buggy.

However, the very next day that same rancher stormed back into the store. He was obviously very upset. Slamming the chainsaw down upon the counter, he shouted at the store manager: “You’d better give me my money back! I spent all day yesterday cutting down just one single tree!”

“Whoa!” shot back the manager, “Let me take a look at that chainsaw. Obviously, something’s wrong.”

Shaking the chainsaw to hear if there was gas still in the tank, and then pressing the little rubber bulb that primes it, the manager pulled the cord. Without hesitation, it roared to life. And the loud “Vrrrrroooomm” scared everybody in the store. Incredulous, the startled rancher asked him: “What’s that noise?”

Folks, allow me to quickly make a spiritual illustration here. How many believers in Jesus Christ try to live for God, but are definitely lacking the power that is promised in the Bible? To them, the Christian life seems like using a dead chainsaw with a push-and-pull motion! And they’re really frustrated, and often defeated.

The Book of Acts refers to an encounter that began on the Day of Pentecost. It’s called the baptism WITH the Holy Spirit. And it’s different from being baptized BY the Holy Spirit (1st Corinthians 12:13). Now, I know that many fellow Christians might disagree with me. But what I read in the Bible, and what I saw on the mission field myself, points to this supernatural power. You see, my own denomination has more than 70 million members–worldwide–in less than a century of work! How is that possible? The power of the Holy Spirit! And so, I ask you: are you a Christian, yet lacking God’s power to live an overcoming life? Pull the cord! That is, ask God for His special gift of power through His Holy Spirit!


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