Faith— 05/19/2022

“The Importance of Love”

By Father Frank Hernandez

Love is a good emotion to feel as a person; love towards another or some object in our lives, but we know it is a complicated emotion as well. Four simple words that have a thousand ways of expressing and living in our lives. Love makes us do things that we think we cannot do, but we do it for another person due to the affection that we have. We would climb the highest mountain or we would jump out of a plane for love. Love may happen when we do not expect it or we want it to happen. But when it does, we are happy to feel loved and to love others.

The same can be said in our faith. The love that we have and feel from the Lord and Jesus. But there is not only a physical or affectionate love. It is a mutual love of support and trust. The same trust we need to have with them, but as believers in Jesus we have to share that love with others. We are called to be a different instrument of love in our families, with our friends and in the world. We are called to see Jesus in others and to help them out of love and concern for them. Yet, we are called to this special love, we as human beings fail to love in this way. We say that we do, but in reality we fall short by 99% in our lives.

This season of Easter is a time for us to see and experience the Lord’s love with the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus came into the world because of the love God has for us as His creation and He wanted us to return again to that relationship of love. A relationship that was broken when sin entered the world and restored with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We are now able to participate in a real way to that eternal life God has given us. Now we can feel God’s love more and we are called to share that with others. As people of faith we are called to share a Christian Love. Which is care and concern for all, no matter our personal views. We are called to see Jesus in others and share His love in our daily lives.

If we love as the Lord calls us to love, the world would be a different place. The world would be a place of support, care and protection. World events would be different if we love one another and have no distinction of language or nation. But love would guide us to heavenly love now.

To reach this Christian love, it has to begin with us. How can we become better disciples to the Lord, but become a true disciple of Love? Happy Easter to All!


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