Commissioners take up items left over from last meeting

County commissioners held a special meeting last Friday morning to
finish some items not covered at the previous regular meeting.

tax assessor Mollie Hernandez presented commissioners proof of her bond
for office as well as an invoice for the bond for about $1,700 for the
year. Auditor Mark Cabezuela reminded the Court that the county has to
pay for bonds for county elected officials.

Commissioners then
turned their attention to a request from John Decoster to assume a lease
agreement for property at the airport, which is currently leased to
Lloyd Taylor. The current lease expires in 2014 with an automatic
renewal at the request of the lessee.

Commissioner Cornelio
Garribay reminded the Court that prior to having someone live at the
airport, there were problems with vandals damaging the runways and
runway lights at the airport. After some discussion, Commissioners
decided to authorize County Attorney Steve Mitchell to contact Mr.
Taylor to get an official letter, which would dissolve his current lease
agreement with the county, and to execute a new lease with Dr. Decoster
to begin on August 1, 2013.

Mr. Cabezuela then presented the
Court with two options regarding the purchase of a new Chevy Tahoe for
the Sheriff’s Department and commissioners voted to accept the option
for financing for three years to avoid excess interest charges.

Cabezuela also presented commissioners with several financing options
for the acquisition of previously approved heavy machinery.
Commissioners unanimously approved paying for the equipment from a
reserve account and replacing the funds as soon as possible, saving over
$70,000 in interest.

Commissioners also unanimously voted to
authorize Judge Carlos Urias to sign necessary forms to enable Leigh Ann
Lane to exhume and relocate the remains of her newborn sister who
passed away more than 40 years ago.

The court voted to approve
EEOC forms required for a new HOME contract between the HUD and
Culberson County addressing notices of non-discrimination, excessive
force, citizen complaint procedures per the Texas Community Development
Block Grant and the Section 504 Grievance Procedure.


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