Update from Congressman Gallego

By Pete Gallego, US Congressman, 23rd District —

When I ran for Congress, my goals were simple: (1) make sure people
in Washington hear our voice and (2) make a difference for people at
home by working on policies that impact the families of the 23rd
District. It's past time that our common sense values be reflected in
common sense policies.

It's impossible to recap the accomplishments so far in one email, but
here are a few highlights. Suffice it to say it's been a busy few

Early on, my efforts to break through the partisanship and gridlock
were noticed by the New York Times. I reached out to the full Texas
delegation – Republicans and Democrats – to show what Texas can do by
working together to fight for and strengthen the middle class.

As the Washington debate on immigration continues – perhaps no
district will be more impacted than ours. Too many people driving the
debate don't know the border. Many have never been there. We're setting
the record straight. Recently,

The Washington Post visited our region to listen to folks who
actually live along the border talk about immigration reform and border

Veterans are a core pillar of our community. To help them, our office
worked to change the law and assist veterans in rural areas with
transportation to medical centers. The Department of Veterans Affairs
(VA) has now adopted my legislation as a departmental initiative.

Speaking of Veterans, I also spend time with the men and women on
active duty. I've visited wounded warriors in hospitals in San Antonio
and in Germany. I've visited troops from Texas in Kosovo and
Afghanistan. I saw firsthand their work to be sure terrorists never
again use Afghanistan as a base of operations against us. I left my
visit more impressed and appreciative than ever of our troops, their
courage and their sacrifice.

In keeping with my goal to make a difference at home, our office has
been focused on helping constituents. We've filed legislation to ease
the burden that Border Patrol agents experienced as a result of

Our office has helped teachers, workers and members of the clergy
with immigration petitions and has helped numerous veterans with their
benefits. We were also successful in reinstating passport services in
Brewster County.

If you know West Texas, you know people needing a passport would have
been in for a long drive if these services hadn't been reinstated.

Though the work can be very frustrating, this is the most fascinating
job I've ever had. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be your
voice in Congress – and for continuing to support me along the way.

Whether the work is in DC, Texas, or in any one of the cities and
counties of the 23rd – our office is focused on getting it done. Thanks


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