Eagles snatch VH Invitational as runner-ups

By Eagle Coach —

As the Van Horn Eagles started their contest last weekend in the Van Horn Invitational Tournament, they began slowly against the Balmorhea Bears. As the halftime buzzer sounded, the coach made his adjustments and the Eagles took control of the game, eagerly grabbing their first win of the tournament!

Next, the Eagles went up against the Sierra Blanca Vaqueros on Friday afternoon. Again, the Van Horn Eagles took things a little slow, getting a feel for the other team. Once the Eagles felt pressure from the Vaqueros, they picked up the intensity and came out the victors once more. Even though the Vaqueros were out on a mission to win, the Eagles beat them to the punch! The Eagles found a way to soar to the top.

During the Eagles’ third match up their contenders put up a harder fight, but the team was able to stay neck and neck with Immanuel Baptist through the third quarter. With much improvement in the second half, hustle, accuracy, and stamina, the Eagles for the third time took this game sky high to victory. With this, the Eagles proceeded to the championship game against Tornillo, with anticipation rising.

The Eagles knew the task at hand when it came to the Tornillo Coyotes in this championship game. The game started with both teams putting their best foot forward. The Coyotes shot our birds out of the sky, but the Eagles showed no lack of effort and enthusiasm during the game.

The Eagles took second place in last weekend’s tournament. Congratulations goes to Jacob Ontiveros, however, for making it to the All-Tournament Team! The upcoming game on Dec. 16 against Del City has been canceled, but the Eagles take flight this Thursday for the Tornillo tournament starting game against Clint.


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