Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter because I am so disappointed, mad, and even shocked. I cannot understand why the City of Van Horn is determined to run off the businesses in Van Horn. We work so hard to bring the business in, so we can survive. Last week, at least five truckers were given tickets for parking in my parents’ parking lot at the Sands Motel & Restaurant.
I say five truckers, it could have been more. Some left furious and three stayed and spoke to my parents. The three that stayed promised that they would never come or stay in our town again and they will spread the word to others. This is my parents’ parking lot and they should have say if people can park in their lot.
They OWN it. Those truckers were customers at our motel or restaurant. But that doesn’t even matter, it is THEIR parking lot! This happens all the time, all over town. Can you imagine how many people will not return to our town because they are either so mad for getting the ticket or they are afraid because if they did not pay that ticket, they will be arrested or something if they come back to our town? Nearly every business in this town struggles to stay open. We depend on the tourists, truckers, RVs to keep us going. I have tried fighting this before, but it just keeps happening. I know many other businesses that feel the way we do. I don’t know what to do anymore. Talk to a lawyer? All I know is our little town cannot afford to lose anymore guests.

Debbie Clark


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