Weather Whys from Texas A&M Geosciences Center

Q:  Which U.S. city has the warmest year-round temperature?

A: The top four are in the state of Florida, not surprisingly, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. “Because of its southern location and large coastline with warm waters that surround the state, Florida is the warmest state in the country,” McRoberts says. “The city of Marathon in the Florida Keys has an average year-round temperature of 78.5 degrees while Key West comes in second at 77.8 degrees. Interestingly, the Florida Keys and Miami Beach are the only locations in the continental United States that have never had a frost or freeze. The all-time lowest temperature at Key West is 41 degrees. The others warm cities in South Florida are Miami (77.2), West Palm Beach (75.4) and Fort Myers (74.4).”
Q: What about other states?
A:  “If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you know it’s very warm there, and the city of Yuma also has a year-round temperature average of 76.0 degrees,” McRoberts adds. “Brownsville, Texas is right behind at 74.5 degrees, while Corpus Christi and the Florida cities of Orlando and Vero Beach all average around 73 degrees. Other Florida cities near these temperature averages include Tampa and Daytona Beach.”


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