New entertainment for students after football games


On Friday, Oct. 3,  the Mighty Eagle Band launched its newest and latest idea for entertainment after the Eagle football games. The band has decided to open a dance called the sock hop in which students in grades 8-12 can gather at the school cafeteria and dance and party to their heart’s content. The band came up with the idea in wanting something for the students to do after the games and have a chance to gather around and have a good time.

The students can attend from the time the Eagle football game ends until midnight, with food and beverages provided by student council. Students will only have to pay a $1 fee for entrance and have some disposable cash to buy things such as popcorn, pickles, and beverages. 

The music choices are plentiful and include every genre so even the pickiest of people can have a song to dance to at the party. The DJ of the music for last week was the Mighty Eagle band director, Mr. Short, otherwise known as DJ Shorty. Of course, students must follow dress code and other standard rules, but that shouldn’t stop them from having a good time and enjoying themselves every Friday night.

Where will the money go? The band will be using the money earned at each party to help pay for the band trip at the end of the year in May and for competition. The party event is the band’s version of a fundraiser along with the lasagna dinner and car wash.  If students want to have some fun, you’re invited to come to the sock hop and support the Mighty Eagle Band.


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