Commissioners approve firehouse modifications, approve paying for employee flu shots

Commissioners on Monday met in regular session and acted on several agenda items beginning with a report from Becky Brewster on the progress of the revisions on the firehouse on Broadway.
Ms. Brewster reported that she had received three bids for the new door and installation, after which the Court directed her to accept the bid in the amount of $4,980, which was $10,000 less than one bid and $12,000 lower than the other bid.  

Commissioners then heard from county extension agent, Lainie Koch, who reported that seven members of the Culberson County 4-H attended the El Paso County Fair September 24-27. 

Ms. Koch reported that Myra Ramirez won two first-place, one second- place and a Best in Show award for her rabbits.  Jay Torres, Steven Marta and Beatriz Marta participated in the goat show with Jay Torres winning a fourth and fifth place ribbon.  The steer contest was dominated by Culberson County with Beatriz Marta winning a second place, Cory Schuller, third place, Emilio Tarango fourth place, Kanon Gibson, Reserve Grand Champion and Brock Gibson, Grand Champion and Showmanship award.  
The Court then approved paying for flu shots for any county employee wanting to receive the immunization before moving to authorize County Auditor, Mark Cabezuela to research prices for warning lights for two county vehicles.
Commissioners then acted on a complaint from county courthouse employees about secondhand smoke from persons researching documents and smoking close to the building.  Citing health concerns from second hand smoke, commissioners voted to ban smoking closer than the sidewalks on the west side of the courthouse, the curbs on the north and south sides of the courthouse and the alley to the east side of the courthouse.

Commissioners then unanimously decided to reject bids on several large parcels of land in Guadalupe Estates in the northern part of the county, and acreage in Valley View Estates located in the southern part of the county off of Highway 90.  County Judge Carlos Urias then reported that the new Scag mower had been delivered and was already being used at the airport and will be primarily used at the cemetery.   He also reported that the repainting of the Gazebo at the cemetery should be completed by next week. 


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