Could a trip to New Mexico make you a millionaire?

Art collector Forrest Fenn has released a brand-new clue leading to the location of the treasure he reports having hidden years ago “somewhere north of Santa Fe.”   The octogenarian, known as a real-life Indiana Jones, says the treasure is full of gold nuggets, precious gems and ancient artifacts, estimated to be worth at least $2 million. The original set of clues can be found in a poem first published in Fenn’s bestselling book, The Thrill of the Chase.  

The new clue is divulged by Fenn himself in a YouTube video just released as part of the New Mexico Tourism Department’s “New Mexico True Stories” series.
The videos tell the stories of inspirational New Mexicans against majestic natural backdrops, encouraging others to experience what the featured figures love best about their state. 

Fenn, a Santa Fe resident, has inspired many to visit New Mexico in search of the treasure, exploring mountains and vistas they might not otherwise see. Among the obsessed is Grayson Schaffer, senior editor and staff writer for Outside magazine, who also served as executive producer on the video.

“The concept has captivated a lot of people, given them a sense of true adventure, and even made them feel like explorers from another era,” Schaffer said.
And from Fenn’s perspective, the quest is about more than just gold.

“There are a lot of people out looking for the treasure,” he says at the end of the video. “When they get home, they find out they enjoyed something better than finding a treasure.”  

So far this video has 100,000 views in the past 5 days.

See the complete New Mexico True Stories video series at


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