EP Saddleblanket Company to close its doors on July 31

Company President Luc Henson Wells has announced that the Mega El Paso Saddleblanket Warehouse Outlet Store at 6926 Gateway East, across from the Cielo Vista Mall, will soon close to the general public. All future sales to individuals will be limited to ordering from the new larger online catalog.

The four-acre property, the non-wholesale catalog inventory and fixtures will be sold off with deep discounts starting immediately. Doors will close July 31. The Wholesale Showroom and Warehouse will relocate to the larger EXPO building next door the current El Paso Saddleblanket property. Beginning Aug. 1, admission to the wholesale only facility will be limited to resellers who are able to show a business license, a state sales tax permit and/or other proof of business. 

Owner and founder Dusty Henson said that the real growth is the wholesale import-export which now accounts for about 80 percent of the overall business. “We will be concentrating on products that are our own designs and production, which would be mainly textiles. Purses, inexpensive fashion jewelry, saddles, baskets, artifacts, pottery, leather goods and cowboy caskets will remain stable wholesale catalog products. To be discontinued and liquidated will be oriental rugs, Southwest furniture, silver turquoise jewelry, Mexican antiques, folk art, some various styles of pottery and miscellaneous one-of-a-kind things.

“We are planning our future online retail business to be very standardized, something more like Amazon.


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