Pool party, concert planned at Oasis RV Park Sept. 1


Many thanks to the residents of Van Horn who have put up with my big city attitude. I hope you will come to the concert and pool party that we are working diligently to have on Tuesday, Sept. 1 beginning at 7 p.m.

The charge will be $10 and music will be provided by Jim Glunt, a five-time Country and Gospel Music award winner. He is presently on tour throughout the western United States, and he performs both secular and gospel music.

Brenda amd I love Van Horn. We’ve travelled the country for three years in a motor home. We’ve always offered our help wherever we’ve travelled at various campgrounds throughout the West. We still believe Van Horn is the best place in the world.

The first person we met was Dave, who was employed at this property. He was one of the nicest, kindest, most helpful guys we’ve ever met. 

After telling us we couldn’t stay here, and that the campground was closed, we explained to him that we were planning on buying it and re-opening it. He graciously took us on a tour of the former Oasis RV Park which convinced us immediately that we wanted to buy it.

Dave no longer suffers from the troubles of this earth since he has left the planet. We miss him, but we are convinced that he is in Heaven walking the streets of gold. Thanks, Dave. Although some troublesome events led us to Van Horn, the great people of this town have tolerated us and this has changed our whole attitude and outlook on life.

Yesterday’s gone. I’m very grateful to everyone who I’ve met – whether it be conflict or a hug. Brenda and I extend our sincerest hope that you are able to attend this event. There will be limited seating, soda and coffee, homemade ice cream and shakes. You can bring your own cushion, cup, glass or chair. Dress as you choose. No drugs or alcohol will be allowed, and you can park in the rear of the south side of the pool.


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