Commissioners agree to release Badillo Construction bid


Commissioners on Monday voted to accept the request of Badillo Construction to rescind his bid and release his liability for the fire station project.  Moises Badillo, owner of Badillo Construction, was awarded the initial contract in the amount of $33,700.

However, Mr. Badillo dramatically underbid the project, and in July, he presented a revised bid for an additional $12,000. Commissioners had to decide whether to accept Mr. Badillo’s increase or re-bid the project.  After discussion, commissioners decided to ask for new bids for the fire station project.

A special meeting is scheduled for next Monday, Aug.  17 at 6 p.m. to consider a tax rate increase for the county.  Officials were undecided as to whether they would move forward with the increase but tentatively suggested a jump of eight percent to the current rate. 

An individual brought forth a request for the commissioners to consider relocating a county road that crosses his property.  The road takes a winding route across his land south of Van Horn near the pecan farm.  

He would like to see the road moved to cut across a smaller area.  This raised a question about who would pay for such a project and whether it would benefit citizens of the county. The property owner was advised to gather more information and return at a later time. 

In other action, discussed setting sheriff and constable fees for 2016; discussed selling property, Cause #4871 to Armando and Manuel Lopez; discussed adopting a plan for the selection of names for jury duty by electronic or mechanical equipment instead of drawing the names from a jury wheel and designate county clerk as officer in charge.


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