Delcom expansion continues in Van Horn

Construction is nearing completion at Country Club Road and I-10 as Delcom extends its fiber optic cable to a second tower in Van Horn.  This expands Delcom’s service radius, provides back-up, and reinforces the network in Van Horn.     

Delcom is a subsidiary of Dell Telephone Cooperative, founded in 1956.  The company is based in Dell City, Texas, about 75 miles north of Van Horn.    In this part of the country that is considered a neighbor.   

In  September of 2012 Delcom  delivered fiber optic cable to the School, courthouse, and other anchor institutions in cooperation with a Region 18 grant.   Delcom has an extensive fiber network in Van Horn and can offer Fiber-to-the-Premises where needed.   

Delcom’s  monopole was placed in service in the northeast part of town in February of 2014.   This was the company’s first venture into providing wireless residential broadband throughout the city.   Next month  Delcom plans to complete the extension of their fiber network to a second access point    an important step to meet growing demand for high quality broadband.     “I think that rural communities should have access to the same broadband services as our larger towns and cities” stated Delcom General Manager, Denny Bergstrom.    In addition to broadband, Delcom plans to offer voice/phone services with unlimited long distance calling and data usage later in 2016.   

There are no caps or limits on data.    This is unique and popular feature of Delcom’s service.

Customers  choose the speed they require for the devices and programs they wish to connect.

3    Mb                       $45./mo.

5    Mb             $60.

7    Mb             $85.

9    Mb             $125.

12  Mb             $145.

Higher speeds are available.

A one-time installation charge applies.   Customer service is available at 855-964-2355 or [email protected].   


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