Jody Miller receives 2016 Texas Cattlewomen Lifetime Achievement Award

Terry Chandler, Recipient Jody Miller and Jana Stubbs

Photo provided by Jill Miller of Rim Rock Photography

Miller familyCourtesy given to West of the Pecos Cattlewomen website

Jody Miller grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Rio Grande Valley. She received a degree in Physical Education, Health & Recreation from the Texas State College for Women (now TX Women’s University),  in Denton and taught at Cottey College in Missouri before marrying Clay Miller in 1949. They moved to the ranch where they have lived for 67 years, worked, raised four boys and have been active in many organizations. Mrs. Miller was a founding member of the West of the Pecos Cowbelles, (now West of the Pecos CattleWomen). The goal was to promote their beef product and to educate people about the nutritional benefits and different ways to use beef to feed their families.

Her husband, Clay Miller has always encouraged her to be an active member in the local, state and national organizations. When asked what has kept her involved all these years, Jody stated that to her, being in CattleWomen, spending time to educate the public, traveling to meetings and conventions was part of helping her family by promoting their ranching way of life and the beef they raised. The advice she has for the new generation of CattleWomen is to stick with it and teach their children about the ranching heritage and the value of raising an excellent product. They need to be active in their organizations and communities and to promote our way of life and beef. She said that ranching is a good and honest way of life. She says that the friendships she has made in CattleWomen and on the Beef Board have been special and lasted many years.

Mrs. Miller told The Advocate, “I’m very pleased to be honored for doing a job that I believe in and enjoy.”  Mrs. Miller has been President and Vice President of Education in the West of the Pecos Cattlewomen chapter; as well as Treasurer for 9 years and the Vice President of Education in the Texas CattleWomen group.

Miller award


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