County upgrades integral parts of infrastructure

By Carlos Urias,

Culberson County Judge

Culberson County Commissioners Court has set long and short term goals too update and also upgrade what we consider an integral part of the County’s infrastructure. Inside of three years,  upgrades have been budgeted for the Food Bank, Water District Building, Nutrition Center, County Barn, J.P. 1 building, BBCA/MHMR building, Sheriff’s office and Day Care Center.

The Food Bank building was totally remodeled on the inside to better service the people in need of food provided by the Food Bank. The Water District Building got a new metal roof and a paint job. The Nutrition Center got a new grease trap, sewer pipes, cement work and a canopy. The canopy not only provides shade for the vehicles used to deliver food but also help keep rain from penetrating through the doors and into the main building. The Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 building got new double doors that will provide better security for our employees and important documents. Both the Big Bend Community Action Building and MHMR building were remodeled on the inside. Both building now have canopies to service vehicles that park and also to keep the rain from penetrating the structures. Smoke and fire alarm system and security gates were recently installed at the Sheriff’s office. These installments will provide overall security for employees working environment, inmates and visitors.

The Day Care Center is a very important part of the County and City’s infrastructure. When families are considering moving to this region they always inquire about our schools, the hospital, activities for the children and day care services. The Day Care Center’s playground was recently addressed as needing work. Inspectors working alongside the Center’s employees and Becky Brewster, Director of Rainbow Express Day Care Center, identified safety issues that needed to be addressed regarding the playground. Annual Maintenance of the center has always been enough to keep the inspectors at bay except until this year.  The County’s Road and Bridge crew and Building and Maintenance Department sanded down, primed and painted all the wood structures that included walkways, fencing,  a canopy support and shaded seating areas. Dirt work was also needed in order to level off certain areas of the playground that supports the Bridge. Talking to Corina Flores and Annie Flores, the children truly enjoy the bridge. The bridge is also one of the most used and enjoyed part of the playground. Wood structure walk ways were replaced with cement which eliminates splinters. Later in the year during the budget process, the court will address much needed playground equipment similar to what other day care centers and schools. Playground components will be chosen by the Day Care Center Staff according to the age of the children attending the Center.

Throughout the remainder of the year, the court will continue with upgrades to the Airport, City/County Park and Veteran’s Park. The County Judge’s office continues to have an open door policy and welcomes any and all opinions and ideas.


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