City to host Voluntary PIC Summer Youth Program

By Edna Clark

Town of Van Horn City Council met on Tuesday, June 7.  All members were present except Alderman Rudy Hinojos.  Alderman Lyndon McDonald opened the meeting with a request for clarification of RACK bulk water availability only at the airport well.  Cost for the water is $25 plus $20 for every 1000 gallons per visit.

City Secretary, Fran Malafronte, reported that a specialist is scheduled to evaluate the possible placement of a submersible unit at the Thrift Well.  Malafronte told Council that Jerry Carbajal, GrantWorks, will be seeking bids for the new fire truck in about two weeks.  McDonald will take parts from an old fire truck to outfit the new one when it arrives.  Council members were asked to begin looking for areas that could benefit from the upcoming October grant cycle.

After lengthy discussion, it was determined that the fireworks requested in May by the Women’s Service League can only be held after extensive State requirements are met.  No additional funds for a fireworks display will be provided until all requirements are satisfied.  These rules are applicable to all areas in Texas, regardless of the location.  A copy of the State requirements will be forwarded to the Women’s Service League by Malafronte.  As requested by the League, City employees have evaluated available electrical services in the downtown area where the Frontier Days street dance is scheduled to be held. Currently, there is adequate electrical capability for a band to receive power for instruments and amplifiers. Citizen, Jack Dorris, and  or the Cactus Cantina will be asked to donate their electric hookups for the dance.

Alderman Pam Young asked Council to install a street light on Ash Street between W. Desert St. and the West I-10 frontage road.  Item was approved, and Water/Gas Manager, Dion Corralez, will coordinate the street light with El Paso Electric.

The Council approved a Voluntary PIC summer work program for three teenagers, ages 16 – 18.  Salaries for the three summer workers will be covered by Malafronte’s use of funds delegated for a full-time City Hall slot which has not been filled.  City Hall, the Golf Course, and Water Department will each have a summer worker who will be paid $9.00 per hour for 20 hours per week.  Applications will be available at City Hall for the PIC program workers.

Chief Water Operator, Refugio “Cuco” Corrales provided the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report regarding the city water system to Council.  A Town Meeting will be held on June 28 at 7:00 p.m. for public input and participation.

Alderman McDonald made Council aware of a barrel containing an unknown  substance had been dumped in the desert north of his neighborhood. Dion Corralez will be asked to work with Culberson County to locate and dispose of the barrel for public safety.  Alderman Young and Mayor Glenn Humphries both related that they had been approached by various citizens about the condition of the walking path in Okey Lucas Park.  Alderman Ryan Martinez stated that several lights were burned out in the Park.  Dion Corralez will be asked to evaluate the walking path condition and replace light bulbs as needed.


    • Not certain what bulk water you might be referencing. We have a Culbertson County Groundwater Conservation District and they have water data for Culbertson County.
      Hope this helps.
      Lisa Morton, GM
      The Van Horn Advocate


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