Top-of-the-line machines installed at Laundry

These two youngsters witnessed a lot of activity at the Laundry Monday morning as new equipment replaced older ones.

Photo By Lisa Morton

By Lisa Morton

The Laundromat at 404-B W. Broadway, (next to Margie’s Bakery),  in Van Horn is installing commercial large capacity washers and dryers.  Jack Dorris, owner, wanted to remove inefficient top loading washers and install thirty pound large capacity washers in their place.  The project required some upgrade to plumbing and electrical supply for the new large capacity Speed Queen equipment.  The dryer upgrade also required slight modifications to the wall for the stack dryer’s new larger size.

With new machines, you can reduce the length of a standard wash/dry cycle.  Modern equipment can work faster, using less water and energy.  The Speed Queen washers have three price options based on load capacity.  Turn-around time will be quicker with more customers in and out of the doors in any given day.  In addition, a new soap dispenser and change machine will be installed.

What type of clothing and fabrics can your customers wash?  Can they run through quilts, blankets, jackets as well as silks and cotton?  With older machines, your customers could have been limited in their options.  They might have to pick and choose which machine they used depending on their needs.   Now, the new Speed Queen equipment, they don’t have to make that choice.  The machines are more versatile, so they can wash and dry a wider range of clothing and fabrics at once, with no risk of damaging the equipment.


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