More good news for City Council to end 2016

By Edna Clark

Tuesday morning, December 27, the Town of Van Horn City Council met for the final meeting of 2016 with all members present.

City Secretary, Fran Malafronte, gave Council members good news to close out 2016. Due to the hundreds of pipeline workers in town over $1,000,000 was deposited into the City general fund.

Alderman Rudy Hinojos addressed issues of dangerous potholes south of Interstate 10 on Honeysuckle, Sowell, and Laurel Streets. Ms. Malafronte was instructed to add these streets to others needing repairs.

Ms. Malafronte asked for assistance in determining all the street lights that are out in the City. Multiple areas are dark at night due to non-functioning street lights. El Paso Electric is responsible for insuring that all street lights are functional.

Citizens are asked to make City Hall aware of needed street repairs and street lights replacements.

Ms. Malafronte advised Council that she will be running ads for Town of Van Horn bank depository contracts in 2017. Currently, the local bank has the City contract; however, a bank robbery in the Sanderson branch prevented the Van Horn branch from submitting necessary paperwork.

Additionally, Ms. Malafronte stressed the Council that a specific project for the 2017 Block Grants must be decided upon in January. No Van Horn residents attended the Public Hearing on December 21 where citizens input on grant opportunities could be heard. This Public Hearing was reported on in The Van Horn Advocate, and advertised in the community.

Citizens are asked to submit their input to City Aldermen for consideration prior to the January 10, 2017 meeting.


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