The DNA of Eternity

By Steve Jackson

Five hundred years ago; when John Gutenberg turned a wine press into a printing press, and thus began printing Bibles in the German language with the help of Martin Luther (“Scripture only”, “faith only”), who translated the Latin to German, common men began to learn about Jesus, their Savior and Lord on a personal deep level, like the warrior, David who shared that same close relationship with God in the 23rd Psalm. This quiet deep relationship is God’s will for every man who will read. Mother Teresa, stated that to read the Bible, “is God speaking to you”. Matthew 22:31 bears her out. Thus women, also are called to this deep abiding relationship, this walking relationship with a personal God, and no woman on earth has exemplified this Passion more than Mother Teresa, the Lord Jesus’s handmaid and bride. This is that all consuming relationship, God intended for each of us. It began as the Reformation. All at once men who could read German, could read for themselves, the New Testament, whereby through its words, Jesus went from being a concept of God, to the Person of God, Who wants each of us to invite Him into our hearts to be the LORD of our lives. Only then, did men read for themselves and experience God’s love for them in a personalized way. Only then, exploded into existence, Western Christian civilization, the greatest human force for good known to man, with the Roman Catholic Church, at that time, attempting to kill out this Reformation*.

Thus believers fled Europe to our shores. The only common book that our founding fathers had access to and were raised upon, was the Holy Bible, the DNA of Eternity, from the original “Genius” Himself. From these men so influenced, came two founding documents that God and believing men used to begin the most successful, beneficent government ever experienced by men on earth. As Andrew Jackson said “The Holy Bible is the rock upon which the Republic rests.” We are the fulfillment of this breakthrough in mankind, but each generation must will to keep it, by reading, “what Gods speaks to them” from the Bible, Matthew 22: 31. Christian civilization from God’s Word and Americans’ faith who read, believed and acted, has saved this world from disaster again and again. In this 500th year of the Reformation we must, like Gutenberg and Luther, stand for the right of every person to come to their own personal relationship with their Creator, who also endowed them with freedoms.  For God gave us a relationship with Him, to depend on Him, not government. As Jesus said, “the Truth, has made us free”. Free to what? Free to know the blessing of His Resurrection, His forgiving power, Love. God is Love! God’s Love is the American Frontier, the written Word and the Living Word, ONE, in all its epic Western Power as can be seen in Creation here.  This DNA of ETERNITY is His Blood’s for you, and He honors you with that one Choice you must make before you die. So choose! Happy Easter. You can see this resurrection story in the Bible, but also in the Spring itself, but it is best experienced as the Son rises in your heart and you know you are His. Obey Rev.3: 20. He”ll bring the food you need for your soul.

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• Though the Roman Catholic Church at first resisted the Reformation, she did later publish the Douay version of the Bible into English through the pressures of the Reformation, which at least allowed English Catholics to read Bibles in their own language, affording them the ability to know Jesus in a more personal detailed way.

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