Summer Food Program ends with a smile

L to R on the bicycles in Beatrice Urias and Nicole Mendoza and Diego DeLao

Aliyah Zubia with her grand prize

Photos Courtesy of CCAISD Staff

By Lisa Morton

CCAISD Food Director, Sooky Borrego declared the 2017 Summer Food Program a success with great student and parent participation.  The program ended at the end of June with smiles for many who received a variety of prizes thanks to the sponsorship of local businesses and organizations.  Borrego wants to thank A&A Repair, Inc., McDonald’s and Bill Story, the Women’s Service League, the Twentieth Century Club, Easley Farms and Edwin Easley for their donations to the program.

The Grand Prize bicycle winner is Beatriz Urias.  Nicole Mendoza also won a bicycle.  Aluiah Subia won a large scooter and Diego DeLaO won a smaller scooter.  Other winners are Bella Navarette, t-shirt, Ryan Navaratte, volleyball, Sophia Corralez, volleyball, Amaris Rey, basketball, David Madrigal, Frisbee, Joley Tyrell, tennis racket and balls, Beatrice Urias, t-ball bat and ball, Valentin Garcia, water balloons, Diego DeLaO, basketball, Skylar, football, Jose Urias, football, A.J. Romero, tennis racket and balls, David Madrigal, bat, and Catherine Ojeda won a backpack, water bottle and a shirt.


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