By Becky Brewster

Cheerleaders lined the aisles at the Karen D Young Memorial Auditorium to welcome back the CCAISD teachers and staff with cheers and encouragement.  As the CCAISD employees made their way to their seats, and amidst the cheering and blaring music, some broke out into spontaneous dance steps and high fives. The program began with a video of various citizens around town giving a “welcome back” message that expressed love and support to our CCAISD family.

Alison Corrales (VHHS Counselor), Juan Saldana (VHHS Band Director), Brock Tyrell (Athletic Director), Gracie Fuentes (Assistant Principal), Sondra McCoy (Assistant Principal), and Aaron Hannah (VHHS Principal) all gave a short slide presentation introducing themselves and discussing “why” they are educators.  Interspersed among these presentations, the Van Horn Extreme Stars and VHHS Cheerleaders performed, the fight song was played, and several students shared why they are excited to be going back to school.

Hannah wrapped up the program with a video of Simon Sinek’s simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”  Hannah’s “WHY” is to “prepare students to positively impact the world through citizenship, lifelong learning, successful careers and a fulfilling life.”

The program concluded with a video highlighting successes of the prior school year reminding the audience of the rewards of being in education.

WELCOME BACK CCAISD administration, teachers and staff.  Here’s to an even more rewarding 2017-2018 school year.

Convocation photos by Becky Brewster


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