Veteran killed by hit and run driver

-Photo courtesy of the Culberson County Sheriffs Office
-Photo courtesy of the Culberson County Sheriffs Office

By Gilda Morales

A 58-year-old veteran from the Tucson area, Raymond Bledsaw, was the tragic victim of a hit and run incident Saturday night near mile marker 165 westbound, east of Van Horn. Local law enforcement responded to a call from a truck driver who witnessed the entire event, followed the alleged perpetrator, and kept officials abreast of the alleged driver’s location until his arrest at the first Sierra Blanca exit some 50 miles from the scene of the incident.

According to Sheriff Carrillo, the Ford F-150 pickup involved in the incident had considerable incriminating evidence from the victim’s backpack still attached to the fender of the truck. The Sheriff stated that the victim was walking westbound on the dirt, away from the shoulder of the interstate when he was hit by Ogas Gerardo, a 41-year-old resident of Horizon City. Gerardo did not stop to render aid but continued westbound until he was stopped and detained by law enforcement officials.

Gerardo has been charged with driving while intoxicated in Hudspeth County, where the arrest took place, and with intoxicated manslaughter in Culberson County, where he is in custody.


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