Lobo Valley Aquifer groundwater test meters in place

By Edna Clark

Culberson County Groundwater Conservation District (CCGCD) members met on Wednesday, March 21, for the regular scheduled monthly meeting. In attendance were members Vance Cottrell, Lane Brewster, Cruz Parada, Cuco Corrales, David Webb; General Manager Summer Webb; and Attorney Steve Mitchell.

Mrs. Webb updated members on the Lobo Valley Aquifer Water Metering Program. Currently, there are four water meters in place on the Howard Shelley property which will begin operating during the first week of April.

CCGCD members reviewed a request from Forrest Perry for transfer of annual water allotment covered by NHUPP-005. This would affect 1,300 acre feet of groundwater.

Mrs. Webb advised members that an NHUPP Application from Alpine Silica LLC was administratively complete and is ready for its public hearing. Alpine Silica LLC will be operational in the Michigan Flats area if approved after a Public Hearing.

The Public Hearing for Alpine Silica LLC and another previously discussed application will be held on May 10, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Reevaluations of the Michigan Flats and Wild Horse Aquifers groundwater levels are available now and will be presented during the April CCGCD monthly meeting.

Mrs. Webb introduced Zhuping “Ping” Sheng, PhD, Professor and Center Director for Texas A&M Agrilife Research Center at El Paso to members. Dr. Ping works in the West Texas area on agrilife (wildlife, plants, and groundwater) research and should be an asset to local citizens. He and his team of students and faculty specialize in monitoring groundwater usage, water conservation, allotments of groundwater, and compiling data on the status of West Texas groundwater.

Agenda items for the April regular scheduled meeting will include the Michigan Flats and Wild Horse Aquifers reevaluations which will be presented by Dr. Al Blair.


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