The Mayor’s desk

By Pam Young

As part of my election promise for transparency through communication, I will be providing the residents of the Town of Van Horn periodic updates on the goings-on at the City. I am excited at the projects that are already in the works and those that are in the planning stage. Of course, as much as we would all like to jump to the fun projects, we have to be the “adults in the room” and prioritize projects that affect the public good.

We are making steady progress in ensuring that Van Horn has a reliable source of clean water by securing our current water tanks while awaiting the building of a new tank. Council just voted to purchase generators to power the wells that supply Van Horn during power outages. Even more exciting, (at least to me) is the prospect of the landfill reopening soon, saving the town tens of thousands of dollars by not having to dump our trash in Sierra Blanca.

As promised, I am planning to visit several towns, like Ozona and Andrews, who just recently put in water parks, to get information to get ours on the road! We are trying to get our current pool ready in time to salvage the rest of the summer, but as soon as this season ends, we will get to work on the new water park so that it will be ready for next summer.

I encourage anyone with questions and concerns to call me, contact me through the new city website,, or come to my office at city hall—my door is always open, and of course, please feel free to attend city council meetings usually held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month.


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