From the Judge’s desk

By Carlos G. Urias, Culberson County Judge

When growing up I was always interested in airplanes and helicopters. As a very young man I still remember in the late sixties, when they offered plane rides at our local airport. It was truly an experience that I have never forgotten. As your Judge and a member of Commissioners’ Court for the past eight years, I have come to realize how vital an airport is to the development of a rural community such as Van Horn. For many years we have all heard and discussed how we as a community can attract new businesses offering better paying jobs. A viable airport is one of the reasons various business ventures have “set-up-shop” in Culberson County in recent years. These businesses not only employ hundreds of individuals but offer a salary well above what we as a community are accustomed to getting paid. Employed individuals, whether they are local, or from out of state, contribute to our economy by renting homes, buying home, frequenting our restaurants, shopping at stores, and participating in our town’s various functions throughout the year. These business ventures also increase real estate and mineral valuations, thus lowering what the average family pays in yearly taxes on their homes and businesses.

Health care is vital to a rural community. Medical Air Transports continue to utilize our airport when called upon. Once a patient is stabilized they will be flown to hospitals better equipped to handle traumatic concerns.  Commissioners’ Court continues upgrading our airport through grants applied for through TxDot Aviation out of Austin. Culberson County has been awarded grants totaling 2 million dollars for the necessary upgrades that will come to fortuity in 2018 and continue through the year 2020.  The school, hospital, City water system, day-care center, Boy/Girls Club, parks, etc. are integral parts of our infrastructure that must continue to be addressed in order for our community and region to thrive and expand. As your Judge and a part of Commissioners’ Court, we will continue to work with other entities to help provide the service that the citizens of Van Horn and the residents of Culberson County deserve. Blessings to all……FFF


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