Ask Tia Juana- 9/27/18

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Dear Tia,

I will be 15 in 9 months and I have been looking forward to my quince for as long as I can remember. I was always told that I would be able to plan my party myself, from the colors to my attendants and who would be invited. Before going on, I have to add that my mom didn’t have a quince because her family was too poor while she was growing up. I’m sure she has always regretted not having one, but now she has taken over planning “my” quince from the colors, which are hideous, to inviting people that I don’t even know. How do I make her understand that this is MY quince and I would like to plan it as she promised. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but at this point, I would just as soon not have one. Please help!

NOT a Quince planner

Dear Not,

Your mom is sadly trying to have the quince she never had, but unfortunately at your expense. You need to have a talk with your mom and tell her how you feel. Tell her that you still want her involved, but that you would like to have your ideas respected. Always ask for her opinion, but if you have to disagree, thank her for her input, but gently tell her that you had your heart set on your ideas. Your mom is probably not aware that her enthusiasm has overtaken yours, but you have to let her know or go along with her quince plus 30! Good luck!


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