Faith- 11/21/18

Everything Will Be Better

By Father Apolinar Samboni

We have some important events in the month of November. We celebrate the Thanksgiving Day with our family. That day, all the members of the family gather to have lunch, meet as a family and share our thoughts. In a family meeting many talk about everything they have achieved in life, their fears, their failures, their successes, and the hope that everything will be better. From the Catholic Church, she invites us to celebrate the new liturgical year. This new year begins with the time of Advent. Advent is a time of hope that God comes and becomes a child to be born into a family. The readings of the Word of God encourage us to live in the Hope of salvation that Jesus Christ brings us. Despite the difficult times we face every day, God invites us to live each day with hope. The setbacks of life are to overcome them with the optimism that something better is coming.

The human being, regardless of his age, lives through moments of hope. Day by day we hope that we will achieve something that we long for. For example, children expect to become adults or have their favorite toy; Teens hope to conquer that person they love. The student expects to pass the exams and one day to graduate; the newlyweds hope to have their first baby; the one who does not have a job expects to be hired soon; the prisoner hopes to leave the prison as soon as possible; the sick person yearns to be healed; the grandparents hope to embrace their first grandchild; the merchant who has just set up a business expects it to be a success.

Life deserves to be lived if there is a reason to work and wait. I think that the greatest pain of the human being is not knowing what to do with his life. The person suffers a deep emptiness in everything he does, lives a routine that does not satisfy the thirst for the infinite. The human being has lost the charm and astonishment at the novelty of life. Society tries to convince us that addictions are the solution for your suffering. That is the great mistake. The truth is that your life will make sense when you lean towards Good. That is, when you turn back to God and open to him your mind and heart. “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will act. And make your righteousness shine like the dawn, your justice like noonday.” (Psalm 37:5-6)

Here the big question arises. Do you have the hope that you can improve in everything you do? Remember that every day is an opportunity for you to be the best version of yourself. God gives you all the circumstances for you to become your best version of yourself -the best student, the best parent, the most faithful husband, the most loving mother, the most patient teacher, the best professional at work, the most generous parishioners of your congregation, in short, so that you carry a message of hope to those hopeless. It is important that we focus on the blessings that God gives us and not on what we lack. God will give you everything to get your best. It means to live as a son or daughter of God.

Dear lector, only when your life has a motive is it worth living. You have the best time to begin your changes. Every day is the opportunity to achieve the best version of yourself no matter how hard it seems. Start with small changes in your way of thinking, speaking and doing. Remember that a thousand-mile road begins with the first step. Your life makes sense if you follow the ways of God. Everything will better in your life.


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