School board OKs two new activity buses

Culberson County-Allamoore ISD will be adding two activity buses to its fleet. -Advocate Photo/DB
Culberson County-Allamoore ISD will be adding two activity buses to its fleet. -Advocate Photo/DB

By Becky Brewster

The Culberson County-Allamoore ISD Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on Monday. Trustees approved a budget amendment to move funds from the fund balance to the transportation line item and authorized the purchase of two activity buses for $250,000 each. The buses will be acquired through a cooperative purchasing process. Trustee Eddie Seyffert questioned the acquisition of the buses without a “due diligence” review of documentation regarding the existing fleet to be able to justify the expenditure of 25% of the fund balance. Seyffert requested that the purchase be delayed one month to allow the Board to review the equipment records. Trustee Angie Gonzalez stated that the “kid’s safety” should be the priority. Seyffert expressed concern with an expenditure this large when the District was unable to provide the level of raises he had recommended. After a lengthy discussion on finances and priorities, Seyffert requested that the Board have a meeting in the near future to establish priorities and goals for the District. The Board then approved the purchase of the two buses, with Supt. Baugh to provide the Board with existing fleet information and a Transportation Plan at the next meeting. The buses should be delivered within three months.

Supt. Ken Baugh provided an update on the grant programs and showed how the grants are helping the District realize its established vision and goals in line with the “Van Horn Vision.” The Van Horn Vision is an “educational program that will enable all students to graduate with an associate’s degree and STEM-driven industry certifications that will equip them for success in an increasingly technological world.” Baugh informed that Board that the District had just been awarded a Texas Education Agency P-Tech (Pathways in Technology) Grant. The $50,000 grant focuses on planning followed by an opportunity to apply for implementation funding. The District also has a “Gear Up” grant ($980,000 over 7 years), an “AVID” program, “Project Lead the Way,” a UTEP/NASA Grant, and a grant from the Workforce Center to purchase $15,000 worth of drone equipment. The District is also applying for a Perkins Focus Area 1 and Area 2 grants.

Athletic Director Brock Tyrrell reported on activities within his department, noting that Annika Corralez placed first in the Iraan golf tournament. He also congratulated the boys basketball team for finishing up the year as both District and Bi-District champs…the first time in 10 years. He reported that only one player will be graduating so the team will have experienced players starting next season, with strong players coming up from eighth grade.

The Trustees also received an update on the K-12 Campus construction project from HB Construction Manager Manuel Quinones. He reported that the heaters had been turned on in the gym to condition the building for the installation of the flooring.

In other business, the CCAISD Board members:

Held an executive session with no action taken.

Approved consent items, noting the tax collection rate of 97.78%.

Heard reports from Superintendent, Principal and Athletic Director.

Learned enrollment stands at 376 with an attendance rate of 93.45%.

Received pricing for housing projects with renovations ranging from $58-$80/square foot and new construction estimated at $85-$95/square foot.


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