Trustees to seek approval for “No Cost” bond issue

Built in 1974, the auditorium could be receiving long overdue upgrades should the May 4 bond issue pass. Tentative plans for these funds include paying off the football field construction debt and other capital projects that were previously deferred. (VHA Photo/DB)

May 4th election ballot to include CCAISD Proposition A & B

By Becky Brewster

The Culberson County-Allamoore ISD has been fortunate to see tremendous growth in its revenues due to the oil and gas development in the northern part of the County. The fund balances have increased exponentially, and the District is looking to gain approval from the voters to spend this excess funding on additional improvements for the District. At the end of the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year, the District’s net position had increased by $8.6 million most of which is in the Interest and Sinking (I&S) Fund.

CCAISD is limited by law and by its bond covenants on the use of the I&S Fund which holds the funds to pay off the bond approved in 2016 to build the new K-12 Campus currently under construction. For the first time, and with the excess revenue being generated, the District is in the fortunate position to begin additional improvements that were not included in the 2016 Bond Issue. These improvements can be done with existing funds without raising the tax rate. CCAISD conservatively estimates having $10,500,000 available. However, the District must seek voter approval to use these funds. To accomplish this, the District will have a proposition on the May 2019 ballot. Although the proposition will be called a “Bond” it will not levy any additional taxes. In fact, it is anticipated that the I&S levy will begin to decrease as the trend in increased oil and gas revenues continues. Voters will have the opportunity to pass or not pass the two Propositions A & B that will be on the May 4 Election Ballot for the joint City and School election.

One use of the funds would be to pay off the Maintenance and Operating (M&O) Fund debt for the new football field construction which is costing the District approximately $400,000 in annual payments. This would free up future M&O Funds to use for the general operations of the school. Other “wish list” items frequently discussed that the $10,500,000 could be tapped for include, improvements on the Karen D. Young Auditorium and the surrounding parking lot, replacement of locker rooms and storage lost with the gymnasium demolition, and increasing student computer inventory.


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