Missing hiker found in Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Emergency responders at Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Courtesy Photo)
Emergency responders at Guadalupe Mountains National Park (Courtesy Photo)

Salt Flat, Texas – On Sunday afternoon, April 28th, Guadalupe Mountains National Park staff and search and rescue professionals from many state and federal agencies located a missing 61-year-old male hiker from Rockport, Texas. The hiker had gone missing in the park while on the Guadalupe Peak Trail late Friday afternoon.

Rescuers found the missing hiker near the upper Guadalupe Canyon area, more than a mile from the Guadalupe Peak trail. Active duty Army personnel from Fort Bliss Military Base assisted to remove the wounded hiker from the ravine where he had fallen. The hiker was stabilized and transported to a local hospital in El Paso, Texas with non-life threatening injuries.

The park would like to thank U.S. Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) unit in El Paso, Texas Department of Public Safety, (TXDP), Culberson County Sheriff’s Office and EMS, Texas A&M Fire, Texas Department of Health and Safety and Texas Rescue Patrol for their assistance and support.

“We are extremely happy this incident has resulted in a positive rescue and want to thank all state and local support we received in this recovery effort, “said park Superintendent Eric Brunnemann.

Guadalupe Mountain National Park staff encourages all visitors to stay safe while hiking in the park by staying on designated trails, remaining hydrated and keeping a safe distance from wildlife.


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