VHEDC fills vacancy on Board of Directors

With approval from the City Council, the Van Horn Economic Development Corp. (VHEDC) added a new member to its board, filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Sandy Garibay.

Dan Baeza, who works as a freelance designer for the Van Horn Advocate and fine art photographer, was unanimously approved by both the EDC Board and City Council.

At a recent meeting, the board approved the minutes from the October 16 and October 21 meetings as presented. Approved payment of $5,440, representing the cost of payment and performance bonds, as the first invoice, to be reimbursed to the Town of Van Horn for the pool project. And additionally approved bill presented for $350.00 to EDC Attorney Steve Mitchell.

Board members were briefed on the pool building project. As part of the contract agreement, AMG Pro Contractors will construct a new pool concession and shower building. The pool building construction will bring an end to a project that lasted longer than officials anticipated.

Back in 2016, under a previous VHEDC board, a water park type facility was considered in conjunction with renovations to the existing pool. The pool was closed indefinitely in May 2018 for repairs. The repairs were put on hold after the City found that the pool building was unstable, causing the pool to be unstable as well.

It was determined that the 46-year-old facility required significant repairs and equipment replacement. City workers completed demolition of the old pool building to make way for the construction of a new one.

A separate contractor will be responsible for repairs to the swimming pool, which will include a new filter and pump system. According to City Council, minutes from a February 28 special meeting, a bid of $201,816 from Cost Plus Pools of El Paso was approved for repairs to the existing swimming pool. The repairs were further delayed as coordination with the pool building construction came into play.

The VHEDC is attached to the project since funds from the VHEDC were delegated to the City for the new building at the city pool (funds which the Council later approved to refund). As previously reported, the original bid approved was for $113,4000. The City agreed on a contract of $134,400 with an end of March 2020 completion date.

The board moved onto the Facade Improvement Program Guidelines and Application Process and approved the revised documents submitted. EDC President Becky Brewster will ask City Administrator Fran Malafronte to assist with making the application and information available at City Hall until another means of processing can be determined.

The board went into a closed session forum and reconvened into open forum session. No action was taken.


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