Faith— 11/11/2021


By Father Frank Hernandez

The season is changing. We are coming to the holiday seasons, a time where we are busy preparing for the different holiday feasts of giving thanks for the blessings we have received and also getting reading to receive the greatest gift of our salvation. Yet, the season is changing, we are still going through the struggle of this pandemic in our world. Life has not been easy this last year, a few ups and downs, it feels like life is a roller coaster with all its turns. Though it has been a lot, how have we gone to the Lord during this last year. Life has changed for many of us, the death of a loved one or we have gotten sick or a new family member in the birth of a child or marriage or work and school have changed for us. How have we gone to the Lord during these changes?

We are all called to have a personal relationship with the Lord and we are meant to come to Him always in our lives. But, we come to the Lord only when we have a change or struggle in our lives. Changes are normal and a part of being human, but sometimes we let those changes affect us and our spiritual lives as well. When we come to the Lord out of need, that means we see God as a magician who can fix this problem that I am suffering through at the moment. Or we come when a life changing event happens. When we do come to the Lord, is it with a heart full of faith or we do not have faith in Him?

Jesus and God our father want us to have that personal relationship with Him but we have to develop that relationship first through our prayer life. The only way we can develop our faith is by having a conversation with Him and opening our hearts to the Lord, the good and the bad things in our life. As we talk with Him, it changes who we are as a person. When we are kinder to others, we share His love and it improves our faith and trust in Him. We have to be open to that relationship, but it starts with us.

During this season of change, as it gets colder, gift buying and getting ready to celebrate these special religious days. Our lives have changed, we are one year older, our families have changed or we may find ourselves in a new location, our faith remains constant with the Lord and we ask that he help us to change our faith to improve that relationship with Him always. May you all have a good holiday season and let the Lord change our hearts.


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