Faith— 12/16/2021

“End of a Chapter”

By Father Frank Hernandez

Here we are again, then end of another calendar year and also a year in the life of the church. 2021 went by really fast, yet it still had it challenges. We are still dealing with COVID-19, but we have made improvements on that front with the vaccines that have helped to prevent major sickness for so many people. Still, life has had its ups and downs; with some still getting sick, possible loss of a job, family issues, death of a family member or some other situation in our lives. But there have been good things as well, maybe a new job or recovery from a sickness or a new family member. Every year has these life events, but these last two years have been a real struggle, but we are thankful that we have come to the end of another year.

During this month of December, we also celebrate the end and start of the year. We are in the middle of the Advent season, preparation of the First Coming of the Son of God, but also the Birth of Jesus our Savior who takes on our flesh and becomes man at Christmas. How can we be thankful to arrive at this precious moment within our faith. To be able to celebrate the birth of our savior, the one who took on our flesh, our humanity. The one who understands our pain, sickness, joy, happiness and struggles as human beings. Jesus took on everything that we are, He TRULY understands us as a person. What makes us happy, what makes us sad, what confuses us and the sadness at the death of a loved one. Jesus knows.

These almost two years have been a struggle for us, with all this death and sickness around us, but I am thankful that we have improved this last year and we have done our part to be safe and help others be safe too. Yet, as we begin this new year and prepare to receive our savior Jesus during this Christmas season, how can we trust more in Him. How can we place our joys, pains, suffering and struggles at His feet inside the Nativity scene? But more importantly, how can we trust that He is helping and walking with us in our lives. Jesus knows our humanity; how can we trust in Him more in our lives and may this truly be a Christmas when we do believe in our hearts that Jesus has come to save us. Merry Christmas to all, a Happy New Year and blessings always.


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