Emergency closure of wilderness campsites at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

SALT FLAT, TEXAS –– Guadalupe Mountains National Park is closing all wilderness campgrounds until further notice due to extreme fire danger and increased wildfire activity throughout the area. The Southwest area of New Mexico and far west Texas are experiencing high to extreme fire danger and increased wildfire activity throughout the area.

On April 19, 2022, the Southwest Agency Coordination Center moved from Preparedness Level 3 to Preparedness Level 4. Park rangers have also observed an increase in recent weeks of illegal fire activity by campers in in the Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness.

In accordance with 36 CFR, Chapter 1, Parts 1-7 authorized by Title 54 USC, § 100751(a), the following fire restrictions will be implemented at Guadalupe Mountains National Park:

  • Use of camp stoves and other ignition devices are prohibited on all park trails and wilderness campsites (36 CFR §2.10 and §2.13),
  • Overnight camping at all 10 wilderness campgrounds within the park is prohibited and permitting of overnight trips in the wilderness is suspended until further notice (36 CFR §2.10 and §2.13).

All trails, park-wide, remain open for day hiking at this time. Front country developed campgrounds at Pine Springs and Dog Canyon remain open at this time and subject to the fire restrictions in closure order 22-001 dated 14 April 2022. The temporary closure will be lifted when wildland fire conditions improve at the park or within the region.


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