Culberson County-Allamoore ISD earns a ‘B’ rating from Texas Education Agency

CCAISD earns a 'B' rating from Texas Education Agency
CCAISD earns a 'B' rating from Texas Education Agency

The 2022-23 school year is just around the corner, with Monday, August 22 being the first day of school. School supply lists and student registration information is available online at

Culberson County-Allamoore Independent School District earned an overall grade of “B” from the Texas Education Agency’s school accountability system, which is based in part on standardized testing scores. TEA issued the grades on Aug. 15 for the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last time CCAISD was rated in 2019, the district also received a B with an overall rating of 80 out of 100. When the A-F District Accountability Ratings were introduced in 2018, the district received an overall score of 68 out of 100. To address the deficiencies, CCAISD has implemented additional new programs such as AVID and Project Lead the Way since 2018.

Texas’ public school accountability ratings are based on three categories. They include student achievement and school progress, both of which are tied to the results of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR test. The other category is whether districts and campuses are closing learning gaps for historically underserved groups. Previously, the agency graded districts and campuses on a scale of A to F, but this year anything below a C was listed as “Not Rated.”

CCAISD received an A in school progress. Student achievement was rated B and closing the gaps was rated C.

Evaluation criteria

•Student Achievement: 83 out of 100

Districts earn a “B” (80–89) for recognized achievement when at least 48% of students meet grade level on STAAR and at least 53% of graduates are college ready, obtain a specialized career credential, or enlist in the military.

•School Progress: 90 out of 100

Districts earn an “A” (90–100) for exemplary progress when at least 76% of students have made a year’s worth of academic gains OR the district’s achievement is far above average compared to similar districts.

School Progress measures how students perform over time and how the district’s performance compares to other districts with similar economically disadvantaged student populations.

•Closing the Gaps: 76 out of 100

Districts earn a “C” (70–79) when 29% or more of student groups have met state goals. This shows acceptable work at closing gaps between groups.

Closing the Gaps tells the TEA how well a district is ensuring that all student groups are successful.

1,195 districts and 8,451 campuses were rated this year, with returns showing promising signs of progress in Texas’s efforts to catch students up academically. Driven by significant gains in student academic growth, 2022 saw 25% of districts and 33% of campuses improve their letter grade from 2019, according to TEA.

For more information about the ratings and criteria, visit the TEA website or .


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