School board hears audit report, approves security upgrade

The Culberson County-Allamoore ISD Board of Trustees met in Regular Session on February 23, 2023.

The Board was presented with the District’s audit report for FY 2021-2022 prepared by Smith and Rives, PC. The District received an “unmodified opinion” which is the best opinion that can be rendered. The Trustees were informed that the District is in a healthy position financially.


  • The District’s net position increased by $12,638,626.
  • During the year, the District had expenditures of $5,149,098 less than the $44,432,704 generated in tax and other revenues for governmental programs (before special items). This compares to last year when expenditures were more than revenues by $816,277.
  • The total cost of all the District’s programs increased by 3.67%. The General Fund ended the year with a fund balance of $15,310,602, which is above last year’s fund balance of $13,235,211.
  • The resources available for appropriation were $1,170,925 more than budgeted for the General Fund. This is primarily due to greater-than-expected State revenue. No categories of expenditures exceeded the budget.
  • The District paid debt principal in the amount of $7,475,000.

The Board approved the audit report as presented.

In another action, the school board also voted to upgrade the district’s aging and deteriorating security system and cameras. A major security project in the works was presented to the board. This comprehensive overhaul of the current system will upgrade all existing cameras with up-to-date technology. It will include the installation of panic buttons for all classrooms, cameras, vapor sensors, doors, alarms, first responder communication equipment, and more.

The presentation stressed the need to for a complete overhaul since much of the equipment was carried over from the old campus. The administration has been shopping around for a new security system since last summer. According to the proposal presented, all this equipment and software will be warranted for the next 10 years and will cost the district about $600,000.

The school board unanimously approved the proposal.

In other business, the CCAISD Board members:

  • Held an executive session with no action taken.
  • Approved teaching contracts.
  • Approved Culberson County Appraisal District Assessment and Collection Agreement.
  • Approved budget amendments
  • Approved consent items.
  • Tabled action on the School Board Member Vacancy.
  • Heard reports from Supt. and Principal.
  • Learned enrollment stands at 363.


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