Faith— 04/27/2023

“Truly He Is Risen!”

By Father Frank Hernandez

Happy Easter! Some of you may be wondering why Father Frank is saying Happy Easter; Easter was a few weeks ago. Yes, Easter was a few weeks ago, but as a church Easter is not only a day, but an entire season. It is a time for us to meditate and see how Jesus’ resurrection affects us in our daily lives. To understand the Easter celebration takes more than one day. The Easter season is 7 weeks long and includes the celebrations of the Ascension of Jesus to heaven and ends with the great feast of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit comes to the apostles to preach Jesus to the world. During this season we hear the different gospel stories of the resurrection of Jesus, which help us understand the eternal life Jesus has given to each one of us.

We are people of the resurrection, people who have been taught of the Risen Christ. It has been handed down through the present day. First the apostles, then our family, friends, teachers and leaders of faith and we are called to preach Jesus to others in our daily lives. To speak and share that Jesus has truly risen from the dead and has given us the greatest gift, eternal life; where we are able to return and be in the presence and glory of God our Father again. A life that was lost through Original Sin by Adam and Eve which only Jesus’ death we were able to be cleansed from this and all our sins.

But, we feel like the disciples in the gospels after Easter; afraid, confused and unsure of that resurrection of Jesus. We hear in the gospel of John, “the doors were locked, where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews (John 20:19).” We can act that same way too. Closing our hearts to the Lord, having doubts in our lives of who Jesus is for us. Easter is a time of joy and happiness, but our lives make it difficult to trust in the Lord as we should. Struggles, sins and problems block us from experiencing the resurrection in our lives. Yet, Jesus still wants to give us His peace and reassure us just like the disciples that everything is okay if we trust and have faith in Him.

How can we trust more in the Lord this Easter season because we know through our faith that the Lord hears our prayers and is taking care of us? This season of Easter is meant to remind us that Jesus has given us a new life, a life where we share His glory forever. May we trust in Him more in our lives and believe that He has risen to help us return to God our Father. May this Easter inspire us to do good and help others prepare for their eternal life. God bless always and Happy Easter!.


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